3 Weird Advertising Campaigns That Actually Worked

Finding an advertising method that works for your business and also stands out isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You could go with banners or the best sign company in your town, but sometimes you just have to get weird.

Despite the potentially cringe-inducing campaigns you may have seen, there’s something to be said about odd advertising campaigns: they definitely grab your attention. In fact, ever since those bizarre Old Spice commercials went viral, weird advertisements have become incredibly popular.

Here are three of the weirdest advertising campaigns that actually worked.

The Giant Colgate Tube
In what may be one of Colgate’s strangest advertising campaigns, they literally stuck an image of a giant tube of Colgate toothpaste to the side of an office building. As photoshopped as the pictures may look, rest assured the giant tube of toothpaste is very real. To add a little sparkle to their display, the company left two sections of white lights on in the office building to mimic a smile. It may not have been as subtle as some car wraps, but you can’t say a giant tube of toothpaste wouldn’t make you think about brushing your teeth.

Escalator Hair
Without a doubt, the most effective ads are those you can’t help but stop to watch. A camo wrap on a car may generate a very decent number of impressions, but it’s nowhere near as mesmerizing as what one company pulled. In an effort to generate buzz, one hair salon used an escalator to advertise. Each step has a different style on it that matched up with a face at the bottom of the stairs. For each wacky hair/face combination, another customer gets a laugh. Not exactly a conventional hair ad, but certainly unique.

Taking Advantage of Other Advertisements
In what may be one of the silliest ad campaigns ever, people at Hubba Bubba literally hijacked other people’s advertisements with their signature pink bubble gum. An ad for lingerie instantly becomes a billboard of an attractive model blowing a bubble with her gum. That picture of a dog? Now the dog is chewing bubblegum and blowing bubbles. Sometimes the simplest approach is the one you’ve been looking for!

So what do you do if you’re looking for a unique advertising approach but don’t have the budget of a Fortune 500 company at your disposal?

When surveyed, 48% of respondents said that car wraps were the most unique advertising method available. While truck wraps might not be as up there as a giant tube of toothpaste, they certainly are effective and unique, especially if you’re working with a budget.