Boat Advertising Gaining Popularity in the United States

A strange type of advertising has started appearing on boats along the Jersey Shore, but this new advertising method is also catching some serious backlash from beachgoers.

These boats are now equipped with light-emitting diode (LED) billboards and are floating past people on the beach as they relax, have fun, and get a fair dose of digital advertising.

“Statistics do show that digital advertising is upcoming,” said Charlie Michaels, owner of the Shore Board. “That’s really where the future is going.”

According to the local CBS station, the company’s billboards are 213 square-feet.

The ads on the digital billboard can change depending on which part of the beach it’s currently in, which allows the advertisers to reach the maximum amount of people for their specific advertisements.

“We allow clients to come in and actually reach out to their particular market,” Michaels added, stating that the cost to operate one month of advertisements is approximately $699.

However, some beachgoers aren’t too excited about the potential for seeing more and more of these aquatic advertisements.

“I don’t know if I’m into a big boat sign,” said Craig Manigo, who visits the Jersey Shore beaches with his kids. “Seems like the visual might be a little bit too much for you at the beach, right? I’d rather see it in the sky.”

Michaels plans to have his boat change directions only once every other day so that people aren’t continually exposed to these advertisements.

“We don’t want to be that company to be down here and in your face every day,” added Michaels. “We want you to enjoy the beach.”

Fortunately, there are ways to use boats for marketing without alienating everyone you reach. Another great way of advertising on a more personal level is boat wraps. These boat wraps can be much more customizable than an LED billboard and feel much less invasive. But they still have the potential to reach a significant amount of people.

Compared to other advertisements, vehicle wraps only cost about 77 cents per cost per thousand impressions (CMP). A 30-second T.V. ad costs $17.78 per CPM and a third of a page in a newspaper costs $22.95 per CPM.

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